Adult Interval Training Class

Starting in October, jump into our 30 day exercise and healthy eating program with a support system that will help you meet your goals. We will meet every Monday from 7pm-8pm. On your first visit Meggin will set up everyone with information to help you be successful by taking measurements and providing a weekly schedule of workouts and calorie goals! This is a program designed to cater to each individual. You will learn how to eat properly and workout for 50 minutes each week. After the first week, we will have a workout as well as a support group meet to help us meet our weekly goals. Lifestyle change is Megan’s goal for everyone. These goals will help you gain energy, improve your mood, and help you fit better in your clothes. Please contact us for further information.

About Meggin

Meggin Buchholz is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 20 years of experience and two time Boston marathon runner. She was the group exercise coordinator for LA Fitness clubs and managed a few fitness centers in PA and FL. She has trained a large variety of clients including, seniors, those struggling with obesity, young athletes, pro athletes, actors, and pre and post natal women.

Her goal with all clients is to improve their lifestyle, teach them how to maintain a good level of fitness, and learn to love it along with their body! She currently teaches and trains in the nearby Montgomery County towns and has three children. 


Closed for the Summer. Mondays 7:00-8:00pm