ninja warrior



This program has been specially designed to help children from the age of 4 through 18 become ninjas! In this program, they will complete ninja obstacle courses, just like the ones you see on American ninja warrior. We have the warped wall, monkey bars, quintuple steps, hanging balls, cargo net, trapeze and much more!

Check out our ninja vaults, where children can learn how to jump over and around obstacles in many different ways and styles, just like real ninjas! We will also teach our students the basic gymnastics skills, such as; safety rolls, forwards and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. This will help them when performing ninja skills! There will also be a strength program in place to ensure all children are fit and strong enough to complete our ninja courses! The best part about our Ninja Warrior program is that the children will be able to progress through our seven different levels, which are color coordinated, each child will receive a certificate and a new colored sweatband when they progress onto the next level!

In your welcome pack, you will receive your very own drawstring bag which will include a Ninja T-shirt, and Ninja indoor shoes! All for only $40
Our ninja shoes are specially made for indoor use only, these will help the children keep a better grip on our equipment to ensure safety. We ask that your children also wear shorts that have no zips, buttons or restricting fabric. 

What we do:

  • We provide a safe and fun environment for your children to learn how to jump, swing, travel, and climb!
  • We work on core strength, speed, agility, and balance.
  • We teach your children how to stay safe by teaching the core gymnastics skills needed. 
  • We teach your children the importance of progression, by having seven different levels your children can see where they are and what they need to do to progress on to their next level!

How the class works:

  • We will start with a dynamic, cardiovascular warm up followed by a combination of static and dynamic stretches. 
  • We will then instruct and explain the objectives of the lesson.
  • We will then rotate around our events for the week. These events include Floor, Strength Course, Ninja Course, Vault, and Trampoline.

Times (55 minute class)


Wednesday 4:00pm  

Saturday 12:30pm


Wednesday 5:00pm 

Saturday 1:30pm 


  • One time $30 Registration per season
  • One class per week: $72.50 monthly
  • One time $40 Uniform fee

Family discount 10% off class fee