The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.

Why Xcel was created

The Xcel program was created as a way to keep gymnasts involved and excited about the sport. If you think about most other sports, like for example soccer, as soon as kids join the sport they almost immediately start competing in games and tournaments. With gymnastics it wasn’t this way. Kids would join gymnastics and have to take classes for several years before they were invited to join a team program. The Xcel program allows gymnasts to start competing almost right away, by lowering the skill requirements for the entry levels. However, the Xcel program doesn’t just have basic entry levels. It also has more advanced levels that allow gymnasts to keep competing in the Xcel program as they learn more skills, but without the same pressure as competing in the JO program. The Xcel program is ideal for all gymnasts that are looking for a fun way to stay in shape and be involved in the sport.

Why Xcel

Gymnasts compete individual, personalized routines.  Most athletes would rather compete routines that are customized to their age,  strengths, taste, and personality.  Is it more fun to do a floor routine to stuffy, instrumental music like in the compulsory program, or cute, fun music the gymnast has picked out? For example, an older gymnast could use a current hit song (without lyrics of course) as her floor music.

The Xcel Program can be less of a time commitment. The compulsory program can be unforgiving, with it’s routines that require gymnasts to learn an exact set of skills regardless of their strengths. Gymnasts can spend less time in the gym but still be able to learn skills that allow them to compete.


There are five divisions in the Xcel program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All of the Xcel divisions have optional rules.

T K Gymnastic Team

We started our competition team this year. This year we competed Silver level. Our coming year we will perform Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  We have a wonderful variety of girls aged 7 - 11 years old. This year we will continue to grow our program allowing girls from the age of 5 years and up to compete. I have coached JO USA gymnastic program for 27 years. It is a very intense program. When USA started this program 3 years ago I believe this is the best program for my gym. Come join our Gymnastic team.

How to get on Team

Coaches will inform parents if a child is ready for team. We also have Bronze- team where students come twice a week learning the skills needed for team. If you are interested in team, please let your coach know and we will put you on track to compete.